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Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh

Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh

Three stars because it's a feel good story. But this series has an urgent need for a wind-up.

Motel. Pool. - Kim Fielding

Motel. Pool. - Kim Fielding

I don't mind a slow paced story, as long as plot or characters' development depend on this slowness. In this book, it's a stretch, a kind of exercise in style by the author because the pages are filled with descriptions or insignificant facts, but then, the major changes in the characters' life and psyche are told at the speed of light.


Similarly I can appreciate the paranormal genre, but it must have some consistency. The author likes to repeat that the ghost doesn't have the most basic physiological functions (a digestive system, for example) because they are difficult to recreate, then how is it possible for him to have a nervous system that allows him to see, to hear, to experience pleasure, etc.? Again, adding not required details, the author forced me to do something irksome, that is, suspend my disbelief more than absolutely necessary.


Stories Beneath Our Skin - Veronica Sloane

Stories Beneath Our Skin - Veronica Sloane

There... It doesn't take much to make me happy!

Well portrayed main characters, solid secondary characters, real issues and zero drama.


Mark of Cain - Kate Sherwood

Mark of Cain - Kate Sherwood 



You think you've purchased an original type of drama, but no! Hidden just below the lid, the same old drama with all its little cliché (homophobic friends, beatings, broken windows, ugly words written on the door, and so on) pops out like a  jack-in-the-box and punches you in the nose. It was almost a K.O.

Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Seduce Me at Sunrise - Lisa Kleypas Tempt Me at Twilight - Lisa Kleypas Married By Morning - Lisa Kleypas

The Hathaways series by Lisa Kleypas 


The worst historical series that I have ever read. These books seem to be written by a clumsy child. The love stories are painfully superficial. The plots are brainless (the characters, especially the heroines, have unjustified positions, that eventually they change completely, also in this case, without reason. And each book contains an excuse of paranormal/mystery/action sub-plot that to define ridiculous  is totally inadequate. I skimmed through all the books in the series because I was mesmerized by their ugliness (except for the last one that can be read with a modicum of interest) and I'm a bit sad because it's the first time that I had to be so stern with  this genre.

The Skinny on Love - Fyn Alexander

The Skinny on Love - Fyn Alexander


I'm speechless. Really. After this, I seriously doubt that I will get close to the mm genre very soon, because everything that is not mediocre until death, it is disgusting or offensive. From the publisher's website:

In a book like this, with a synopsis such as that, and with those sub-genres, what sick mind can think that an acceptable twist is sexual abuse of children?
Since the first, pathetic psychological breakdown of Sky, it's clear that the plot would go there, but I continued to read to be sure. Maybe I was wrong, maybe Sky had discovered that John's mother had contracted the virus Solanum, in her years as a terrorist, and that now the zombie apocalypse was going to break out. It would have been a more acceptable final and my opinion would have been reversed.
But no, in the last ten pages, more or less, it turns out that Sky eats badly because he -a child younger than 8 years old- was forced to whore himself out on the streets of Pitesti to eat.
And John's reaction? Seriously, it's wonderful! "Oh, I'm sorry... Do you want go back to London early without me?" A few pages later there is the happy ending between an empty, self-centered ex-military and a big, broken teddy bear. But eh, they love each other sooo much.


Fucking trash.


Hard Time - Cara McKenna

Hard Time - Cara McKenna


The part about the letters deserves five stars, but everything else is a big meh. The first part, where the attraction begins, is told too hastily. The last part seems fake and has a couple of almost TSTL moments that I don't expect from this author. 



Bad Influence - K.A. Mitchell

Bad Influence (Bad in Baltimore) - K.A. Mitchell 



Finally Mrs. Mitchell has decided to enter the wonderful world of sticky drama. The one where the big problems are not shitty accidents that happen and the inhabitants have to solve them to the best of their ability, so they don't have to suffer/pay for the consequences. NO. The big problems happen so that the protagonists can complain for 200 or more pages without respite. Where everything (lies, betrayal, diseases) is solved with a discussion of two paragraphs and the discomfited reader is left with the question: So why write this fucking book?


Mrs. Mitchell, welcome to the club!
I guess Bad influence refers to the latest readings that she has done.


A single point of view in a book like this is simply lethal. Although Zeb is so insignificant (much more than Silver, go figure) that I would have preferred a blow on *my* head rather than being in *his* head.

The Ghost Slept Over - Marshall Thornton The Guy From Glamour (The Guy) - Skylar M. Cates The Worst Best Luck - Brad Vance Having Her - Jackie Ashenden

Sad week that has confirmed to me that

I'm not the target for novels with emo, moody, and fragile heroines (Having Her).
If there is no plot, the characters have to shoulder all the work (The Guy From Glamour).
The characters must have a modicum of self-respect (The Worst Best Luck).
I need to be interested at least in one character and a few laughs are not enough (The Ghost Slept Over).

Protecting What's His (A Line of Duty Novel) - Tessa Bailey

Protecting What's His (Line of Duty) - Tessa Bailey 


TSTL female character.

Please, dear authors, stop take advantage of dim-witted characters in your books. It is wrong and I can not understand what pleasure is derived from it.

Strain - Amelia C. Gormley

Strain - Amelia C. Gormley 


So, this book deserves 5 stars for the attention to detail. Setting, scientific explanations, military operations, as far as I'm concerned, are more orgasmic than the repetitive sex scenes. Even the mistakes made are then recognized as such, making the apocalyptic aspect of the book very delightful.
Instead, what I don't appreciate at all is how Father Maurice and Jacob have been characterized like the wicked stepmother and the stepsister. Stereotypes such as these need to stay the fuck away from my dystopias (to be badass dystopias).
Finally, we have Rhys. A nice character, but the story of "I do not want to want" is tremendously dragged. If Strain is not followed soon by another book with Rhys' growth and much (muuuuch) more action, the psychological part (read mental masturbation) is disproportionate to the rest and all the good things above will be sadly wasted.

In a nutshell: This book is like the second season of The Walking Dead.


Fear - K.A. Merikan

The Copper Horse: Fear - K.A. Merikan 





Timber Pack Chronicles  - Rob Colton

Timber Pack Chronicles (Volume 1) - Rob Colton 


When I picked Timber Pack Chronicles, I didn't remember that Rob Colton is the author of the Galactic Conspiracies series, otherwise I could have spared the time.


Colton is one of those authors who has a formula and, without shame, he applies it to everything: the delineation of the characters, their relationships, and their sex scenes. I'm not totally opposed to this approach, but of course I have to be passionate about the same formula. Unfortunately, tacky erotica with the obsession, the edge and the maturity of a thirteen year old's fantasies doesn't factor in any of my formulas.

Broken Pieces - Riley Hart

Broken Pieces - Riley Hart 

Josiah, Mateo, Tristan are messed up bad (do not read this book if you do not like pathetic characters). What I like is that everything is told without over-dramatize it, making the lives of the protagonists rather credible. What I do not like is the "frigid schmaltz" of the very last part. I found that part of the story disappointing. A more carnal involvement between Mateo and Tristan out of the blankets would have solved the problem, but all in all, the feeling that they work better in three, for me, is delivered.

You Can See Me - A. E. Via

You Can See Me - A. E. Via 


I had thought a grumpy comment on this book, but for lack of time I have waited too long to write it and now I can't remember it. It had to do with hammers, pharmacies, and in general with how much  this book is ridiculous. Never mind, I have confirmed that my memory isn't worth a bean.

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

Mark Cooper versus America - 'Lisa Henry', 'J.A. Rock' 

I understand that, often, an eighteen year old's problems are not real problems, and I know that the authors have everything well under control. But it is amazing the amount of fuck I do not give about characters and story. Pity, because Mark and Deacon are sweet guys and I appreciate their kinky inclinations.