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Bad Influence - K.A. Mitchell

Bad Influence (Bad in Baltimore) - K.A. Mitchell 



Finally Mrs. Mitchell has decided to enter the wonderful world of sticky drama. The one where the big problems are not shitty accidents that happen and the inhabitants have to solve them to the best of their ability, so they don't have to suffer/pay for the consequences. NO. The big problems happen so that the protagonists can complain for 200 or more pages without respite. Where everything (lies, betrayal, diseases) is solved with a discussion of two paragraphs and the discomfited reader is left with the question: So why write this fucking book?


Mrs. Mitchell, welcome to the club!
I guess Bad influence refers to the latest readings that she has done.


A single point of view in a book like this is simply lethal. Although Zeb is so insignificant (much more than Silver, go figure) that I would have preferred a blow on *my* head rather than being in *his* head.