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The Skinny on Love - Fyn Alexander

The Skinny on Love - Fyn Alexander


I'm speechless. Really. After this, I seriously doubt that I will get close to the mm genre very soon, because everything that is not mediocre until death, it is disgusting or offensive. From the publisher's website:

In a book like this, with a synopsis such as that, and with those sub-genres, what sick mind can think that an acceptable twist is sexual abuse of children?
Since the first, pathetic psychological breakdown of Sky, it's clear that the plot would go there, but I continued to read to be sure. Maybe I was wrong, maybe Sky had discovered that John's mother had contracted the virus Solanum, in her years as a terrorist, and that now the zombie apocalypse was going to break out. It would have been a more acceptable final and my opinion would have been reversed.
But no, in the last ten pages, more or less, it turns out that Sky eats badly because he -a child younger than 8 years old- was forced to whore himself out on the streets of Pitesti to eat.
And John's reaction? Seriously, it's wonderful! "Oh, I'm sorry... Do you want go back to London early without me?" A few pages later there is the happy ending between an empty, self-centered ex-military and a big, broken teddy bear. But eh, they love each other sooo much.


Fucking trash.