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Cranky Romance & Grumpy Erotica

Room at the Top - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow This book is strange because it's passable on the whole, but weak in detail. The threesome is okay in the classic form of two lovers who find perfection through a third one. Its development is quite credible, although I've found Liam's proof of love in bad taste. The characters are not memorable (but it is obviously a matter of taste). Austin and Jay aren't bad; Liam is cold and stiff like a stockfish; and April is simply exaggerated: she's a hybrid between a caricature and a stereotype.The scenes among the dom and subs' meetings are what is really weak in this novel: they are gratuitous, senseless and inconsistent. Here are some examples. Austin, deeply troubled, goes to his mother to talk about April's matter and ends up lying on its severity. Why? What does it mean for the story? Either he speaks and faces the music with April (and the story goes on in that way) or he says nothing at all and protects his mother. The scene, as has been done, is completely useless. When Liam goes to his daughter's graduation, Austin freaks out because he thinks - among other things - that he and Jay have pushed too hard, too soon and, as a result, that they've ruined the relationship with their dom. Liam comes back, dumps them, the tragedy bursts upon the subs, but the whole discussion made a few pages before is not at all mentioned. Again, why?One of the reasons why Liam dumps his subs is the age difference. He returns from a business trip, grovels a bit -not much-, and everything becomes a bed of roses. And the age difference? Has he found the elixir of long life during his trip?In a nutshell, the book is a jumble of meaningless situations interspersed with some hot sex scenes.