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Deliver Us - Lynn Kelling I'm not going to rate this novel because I have strong prejudices against the topic of child *sexual* abuse in romance and the drama that entails. But I feel the need to spend a couple of words for this book.When I started reading this novel I have prepared a bottle of brain bleach, because I had to be ready to cancel its wrongness. The bottle is still sealed. I didn't find any monster between the protagonists, but only a bunch of fucked up guys and worrywarts. They are funny, sappy, mad as hatters and, I must admit, very hot -in Darrek's case.The most messed up relationship is between Darrek and Gabriel, but it's also blissfully straightforward. They immediately explains what their problems are, so that everyone is warned and, agreeing to go ahead, should expect some shit.The BDSM described here is hardcore and it seems even more harsh and uncommon because its sadistic component (its *massive* sadistic component) is delivered almost without impact toys. Moreover there are some humiliation scenes, among which one -as a punishment- is particularly cruel (though Darrek get off on it... sort of). So heavy stuff, but nothing exceptionally misused. In my opinion, if the publishers (or those responsible) began to put clear and adequate warnings *in their damn sites*, they would avoid a huge number of misunderstandings and bad feelings.