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Inferno - Scarlet Blackwell This novel is a mess and not a good one.The investigation is insulting: witch hunt, half-assed choices of suspects, suspects that, among dozens and dozens of customers, fall into the arms of our hero... Yeah, he is a lucky one! Among all the customers and the victim's acquaintances, Zack chooses to prosecute Inferno's owner because he's guilty of giving him (a closeted case) an instant erection. And, magically, all the evidences are against Dante because there's someone who wants him screwed. I correct myself, Zack is not lucky, but he has a prescient cock. Simply amazing.The drama is good up to a certain point. Zack loses his head, fucks up beyond reason and pays the consequences with his colleagues. Wonderful! Except that all is forgiven and my disappointment reigns supreme.The relationship is interesting: hot sex, sexy protagonists, arousing feels. It's a shame that their behaviour is like that of two teen girls (It's your fault! No yours! You bitch slapped me, I bitch slap you. I was a closeted cop but, with my luv, I'll win the "Little Miss Inferno" title, I will cure your frozen heart and you will love me forevaar).So, the bullshit meter must be recalibrated, then we're good.