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Lab Rat's Love  - Ana J. Phoenix

Lab Rat's Love - Ana J. Phoenix 

This book could have been great, but alas, the author has not done her homework.


Here's some issues

-The book starts off on the wrong foot with a big hole in the plot. A wealthy entrepreneur dies and no will is read. Given that Nex agrees with Kane just for a matter of money the hole isn't irrelevant.
-Nobody will care for a chip that can't be disabled nor reprogrammed, except slavers and criminals. So congratulations to the researchers for their foresight and keenness of though.
-The author doesn't have the slightest idea of what it means to be a drug addict and how detox works. Moreover, gambling is addictive, too. What happened to Nex's slotmachines?
Personal opinions
-Kane is a constipated and arid character. He isn't able to make Nex stand out.
-The sex scenes are unimaginative, repetitive and altogether disappointing, considering the premise, Kane's possibility and the initial sexual tension.