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Unrestrained - Joey W. Hill

Unrestrained - Joey W. Hill


Thank goodness! I really believed that the sinusoid of ups and downs in this relationship would go on forever.

Generally, I like the combination "alpha male X independent woman", but here Dale is full of attitudes and Athena is a character with the brain broken by the pain. It is not for me because Dale's posturings are not offset by real flaws (which makes him a fake character), while Athena's strength and independence are perceived only thanks to her wealth and because the claim is repeated continuously by the author (this makes her a failed character).

I understand that it's a matter of taste (and usually, in my erotica, I prefer Tops to Doms and bottoms to subs), but, dammit, a BDSM book that is not a heavy and sticky session of psychoanalysis is as impossible to find as a unicorn, nowadays.