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The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes

The Backup Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Chronicles) - River Jaymes


Dear guys you do not make a shred of sense. No, wait, in second grade ... perhaps. A special mention goes to Noah that is pleasant as a cat attached to the MCs' testicles. 



The book starts off great, but then, throughout it, I had two unpleasant feeling about Dylan. 1) He seems out of character. Strange for an original, I know, but the author says/describes stuff and Dylan does/says the opposite. 2) He does not know what to be: the "rough around the edges" dude, the super busy mechanic, the naughty boy, the guy full of complexes. One trait makes a character dull and flat, but a thousand little-examined aspects make the story superficial.

And then there's Noah, he could have been a good character (between him and Tyler the author could have sold me two other books easily), but nope, nope nope... he has no reason to exist (a bit like Alec, but with less nastiness by my), and if he must, he just has to do it away from me.