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Cowboy Waltz - Cameron Dane Incredible, Jed is the last of Lamarckians in a contemporary novel. He would be almost adorable, if he weren't so ridiculously pathetic.Anyway, the world has moved on after Lamarck, Mendel was born and with him genetics and, at the same time, even modern psychology took off. The great thing is that these disciplines didn't die after a short time. They have survived to the present day and they are able to do miraculous things. Few authors who employ a large dose of drama in their novels know about them and it's a shame, because they are really amazing and they can avoid many headaches to the readers.Then there's Booker. I may be wrong, but somewhere I read that, to a certain extent, one has every right to lead a perfectly unhealthy life in denial (on three or four levels). Somebody should have warned Booker of this thing. In this way the romance goes to hell for sure, but we avoid collecting stories that are all over the place.