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Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley I have a problem judging this novel, because the good parts are really good, but the bad parts are really annoying.Really good parts (for me, because they are unbearable defects for most reader):- Tate. He is alpha enough to make the most mild feminist's skin crawl; and he is a real assholes, not a phony one. - The seven dirty words. They are frequent and vital. A biker who exclaims: "Gosh, you're a pain in my backside!" is not legal. - The supporting cast.At first I thought they were stereotypes. Instead, they have proved to be more credible than the main characters. Really annoying parts (for me, because they are merits for most readers):- Lauren.She's like Pollyanna bathed in Chanel and pheromone. I swear, she has managed to charm even the guy on the cover of the book under hers, on my nightstand. She arrives, and a whole town starts to revolve around her, as if she's a Missionary of Charity in a nest of lepers. Moreover, we are told that she is classy -I assume- because she wears designer clothes, drinks martinis and repeats continuously "Sorry?". I ask pardon, but I disagree. The first ones mean that she's got money, the last one that she's got a slight mental retardation. It surprises me that no one has asked her if she's deaf or twat, instead of further explaining a perfectly understandable speech .-Tate.He has collected three super-macho-man jobs -in which he is a god. Are they really necessary? The last two for sure, but the former one transforms the character into a joke. A simple lost youth would have been far more credible.- The drama.There are too many morbid or twisted characters. And the funny thing is that they are all those who hate Lauren or have hurt her. As if you must be evil by default to not appreciate a pure and beautiful creature like Lauren Grahame. So, my rating would be a big, fat star, but the alpha-male junkie in me rebelled; I have to grant at least two stars :/