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Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore, #3)

Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore, #3) - K.A. Mitchell What I want when I read contemporary erotica are real characters and hot sex. There are several authors able to give me this, but K.A. Mitchell has, almost always, that extra oomph. The characters are not only plausible, you have to make a special effort to understand them just as if they were introduced to you in real life. And the sex is not just a list of actions taken to increase the temperature of the room where you are reading. It's an integral part of the story and the characters' psychology. Obviously this must interest the reader to be appreciated, for me it works great.The problem with Bad Attitude is that it lacks an epilogue that addresses the question of Jamie's vehicle. It may seem ridiculous, but it could have explained a lot of things about the couple's future.P.S.Each extra appearance by Nate makes me realize how much the author has missed the first book. Nate would have been a great character for me, but he ended up in a plot well below his possibilities.