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Glitterland - Alexis Hall

Glitterland - Alexis Hall 

I have read very few authors able to make me appreciate Pindaric flights (and one of them is Pindar) as a narrative style. Here this issue is exacerbated by the fact that Ash is the one that thinks in that way, not a guy out of context with a strange way of telling things. At the end of the book I didn't know if I found much harder to take seriously a guy who thinks so forcibly studied or a guy who dresses as if it were always carnival-time.


The characters are interesting in spite of everything, or rather, exactly for their flaws, however, even in this case, I haven't found a satisfying and credible reason leading to Ash's decision to muster up the courage for that sort of happy ending. Also I find the character of Darian not sufficiently developed.


In comparison to many mm books that I have recently read this book could easily be a 4stars. But I was so strict with my judgement because I'm convinced that, with some adjustments, this author could stand out from the mediocrity of the mm genre.