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Lair of the Lion

Lair of the Lion - Christine Feehan The only thing of value in this novel is the author's ability to create a tense atmosphere, thanks to the sensation of unknown and fear in which the protagonists are immersed. But all this is ruined by the repetitiveness of the plot and the unreasonable choices made in the course of the story.The Italian words (and names) are numerous, sometimes they are correct sometimes not, but I have rarely understood their reason to exist, and I laughed out loud when to one of them has been applied the Saxon genitive. And then there's the choice of putting lions in the Alps. I would not be upset by a purely magical motivation, but the historical connotation leaves me perplexed. Christians were persecuted in the Roman Empire and the Romans did use battles between men and animals for entertainment. But there is no evidence that links these two facts together. Wolves and werewolves would have been a better choice, the first physically present in the Alps, the latter present in literature and legends.