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Point of No Return

Point of No Return - N.R. Walker With a detective and a boxing coach as protagonists I was expecting something different. I went inside looking for something rough and grimy, I went out with cute and lovey-dovey. It's a bit disappointing thanks mostly to the style (which I found a little green), but not particularly bad, especially if you're in the right mood.As regards the suspense, we are a far cry from a good accomplishment.The mystery would be pretty much solved on page 40 if Matthew was not clever as Inspector Gadget. And the last part of action is based on a negligence difficult to believe: a bunch of detectives receives personal but vague threats and they don't even think the safety of their families... Riight.So, if you are a fluffy romance addict, you will love this book. If you prefer something more tight and accurate (for example, Japanese names are often gender fluid: Berkman's sentence about the fact that Kira is a boy's name is very effective, but wrong.), you would look elsewhere.