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After Hours: (InterMix)

After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna

Here is how erotic alpha stuff should be done so as not to procure the shrinking of the reader's neurons and her/his brain dead. Kelly's desire to protect and dominate is not seen as the characteristic that makes him a true man, but simply one of his many characteristics (and not a particularly good one out of bed). Erin then is not a bimbo convinced that Benevolent Sexism is the name of a new pornographic magazine. She knows she is not obliged to swallow Kelly's bullshit as a woman, but she accepts them because they are not countless or completely irrational and especially because they work well for her.So After Hours is wonderful for this, but also for its very original and well done setting, without forgetting the scorching hot sex. The only flaw, to me, is that Erin's problems should have been told with a little more clarity (for example, the grandmother, what role did she play in the growth of the sisters?) and less psychoanalysis.