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Bad Boys Need Love Too - Christa Tomlinson

Bad Boys Need Love Too - Christa Tomlinson 

The strangest four-stars rating ever. Imo, this book is like a full course dinner of snack food and ice cream. So, if you can't stand assholish, possessive top; nice little bottom (almost a Mary Sue, if you ask me); crass jokes or dirty talking; and a ton of sex scenes (like  300 pages out of 395), don't bother with it. I liked this book because I was obviously in the mood, but also because, despite it being erotica, the characters deal with their issues in a more credible manner compared to those in pathetic slice of life, stuffed with stupid drama... Yet the eyes rolling moments (at least a couple) and Joseph's perfection spoiled a little the (guilty) pleasure. As I said, strangest rating ever.

The sequels are nothing special.